iAudit Consultants

iAudit Consultancy is client focussed, providing a range of services across multiple industries to drive client interaction improvments.

iAudit is a bsi accredited for its quality management system for ‘security and penetration audits for the facilities management sector, including mystery shopper and investigative services’.
ISO 9001 Quality Management - BSI Certification for iAudit Consultants

What does this mean?

Our ISO 9001 BSI accreditation informs you that we are recognised by the world’s highest quality management standard. We are accredited against internationally recognized standards to perform our audits to the highest levels of quality and service – providing further assurance to you that any guidance and feedback we issue is both credible and impartial.

By using us, you reduces the risk to your business, and in turn, your clients, giving you complete confidence that we have been independently evaluated for our competence and performance in the sector.

View our bsi certificate here.